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December 26, 2000

"Who is going to provided civility and respect, under the United States good spirited of Democracy for great justices?"

How we must address decency, and civility under our U.S. community in Guam, and around the world?

"Referring to the Kuam News, was reported ( 26 December 2000) on the latest sprayed-vandalism to other innocent (victimizes) vehicles here on Guam."

The flooded of Internet viruses had caused into your home computer(s) had just happened recently.

The suffering of discolors, and smells odors of public water had caused and single out my home, (reappears, and disappear under no traced) without no qualification of employees too explained what is the problems for public water had caused for ongoing month now, but called my family that we’re crazy?

(Also, at this month of December 2000, I've been victimized from hit and run, (crimes) which still is not an acceptable behavior, to destroyed someone-else property/vehicles and left without being responsible for your own action to other fellow human beings. A good citizens alike myself, could not afford too pay, and replacing property/vehicles under others irresponsibility caused damages for others.)

Our spirit of reality has been raped for integrity for lack of justices, morality, honesty and right to lives in a respectability society (world).

I was watching the Los Angeles Times cartoon about the Lion King reigns. My tears are pouring of reminded upon the Disney’s epic coming of-age saga tells of the loves between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa, and his son Simba---a naive and curious cub who just can’t wait to be king. The scheming for the throne leads to tragedy ...and Simba’s exile from the kingdom he should rightfully rule.

The poor characters in the Lion King Movies, has come about the devious, evil, and envious Uncle Scar and his miserable hyenas. ( I hope our justices on Guam would not darken, and worsen under no rules of enforcement justices for all our people, and community.)

Is there any HOPE out there to bring back decency and justices back into our community? A community could be able and solved problems, and put justices under those, were breaking the laws, and get away with it?


Angela Engichy

Santa Rita, Guam 96915

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