PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (January 3, 2001 - Post-Courier/PINA Nius Online)---As Papua New Guinea partied and celebrated the dawn of the New Year, a village in Enga Province received a setback in the form of a flood.

The flood destroyed houses, food gardens and coffee trees.

A family of five fled the flood when they heard the noise of the rushing water.

Their house with all its contents and six other homes were washed downstream on Sunday night, at Aipipas village, according to news reaching Port Moresby yesterday.

No lives were lost but massive destruction was caused to food gardens, coffee trees and houses and 200 pigs were washed away.

Villagers are still assessing their loss to present to the Enga provincial disaster committee and other relief aid agencies.

James Mokai of Aipipas village, who lost everything in the flood, told Enga Nius in Wabag that the flood was caused when a small river, that passes through the Highlands Okuk Highway, overflowed from heavy rain during the long weekend.

This in turn created a huge dam, which caused a major threat to villages along the river.

Mr. Mokai said the properties damage could be more than K 200,000 (about US$ 66,000).

He urged the Enga provincial disaster committee and other aid agencies to investigate and provide relief assistance where possible.

He claimed that many times, the National Government ignored such disasters that hit small villages.

He said often villagers were left to suffer silently.

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