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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (January 25, 2001 - Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation/PINA Nius Online)---Investors wanting to prospect for oil in Malaita province must first educate citizens about the environmental impact of any projects that might be developed, islanders say.

This view was put forward by a delegation representing the people of the Baelelea and Tobaita areas in Malaita province.

The chairman of the delegation, Dick Daoleni, said it is very important people understand the impacts an oil industry operation would have on their lives before deciding on precisely what to approve.

Mr. Daoleni said his delegation made the statement in view of the government's policy of welcoming more manufacturing and mineral resource development business ventures.

He said people are often led to make early decisions based only on monetary benefits. Only later do they discover the damage to the environment and unwanted social changes that result.

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