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PALIKIR, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (February 10, 2001 - FSMIS)---The Micronesian Fisheries Authority and the Japan Far Seas Fisheries Association have selected the next 10 Micronesians to attend its 2001/2002 On Board Fisheries Training Program.

The training is sponsored by the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) to prepare young Micronesians to work on Japanese purse seine fishing vessels licensed to fish and operate in the FSM EEZ.

Each year, 10 qualified applicants meeting the set criteria are selected to participate in the training.

The newly selected trainers are:

§ From Kosrae State: Nena H. Waguk, 22; Dwight     Rooston Abraham, 20; Basi Norston Siba, 21;

§ From the State of Chuuk: Samson Litoulo, 10; and Norry Tairak, 23;

§ From Pohnpei: Jones Joseph Roby, 19;

§ From Yap State: Akira Paul Walton, 20; Jerry Sewralpiy, 22; Anthanasio Emaengilpiy,23; and Lawrence Hasoso, 27.

The trainees are expected to depart in April for Japan, where they will spend the next year training.

The first three months of training will be devoted to the Japanese language and culture.

The final nine months will be out at sea on fishing vessels to gain hands-on practical training.

Upon successful completion, the trainees will be eligible for employment by the vessel owners.

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