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Report and photographs by Patrick G. Pikacha

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (February 12, 2001 – Solomon Star)---A general clean up campaign organized by the Seventh Day Adventist church took place on Sunday, February 11, 2001. Youths, church members, and families took part in the clean up. Different youth groups were allocated sections along the main stretch of road from Henderson Airport in east Honiara all the way to White River in West Honiara.

Betikama Adventist College students cleaned up from King George VI National High to Henderson Airport. Youth groups and members from Burnscreek Church and Naha Church cleaned the roadsides from Panatina College to Kukum. And other members cleaned up from Kukum to White River. Also a youth group from the east Guadalcanal came down to help in the Honiara cleanup.

The cleanup campaign was to prepare for the visit of the president of the Seventh Day Adventist General Conference, who is due to arrive at a later date.

All rubbish was collected and over grown grass along stretches of the road was cut. Litter along the streets, and roads, and disposal problems have always tarnished the sights along the road. This litter was gathered and heaped beside the road, along with mowed grass so that dump trucks could collect them.


Honiara has been experiencing rubbish disposal problems, with the Honiara City Council unable to cater for all rubbish disposals in the neighborhoods. Also, the current dumpsite’s borders have been extended, with rubbish pouring on to stretches of road. This has resulted in litter being dumped in bush areas along sections of road -- and especially so on the outskirts of town away from public areas.


This has not been the first time that youths have been organized to freely take part in community services. There have been small clean up campaigns in different parts of Honiara before. However, this has been by far one of the biggest clean up campaigns for Honiara in the New Year.

The community cleanup campaign has been a success and has shown what the community can do if they work together.


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