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PALIKIR, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (February 19, 2001 – FSM Information Service)---Election 2001 is set for March 6 and the Federated States of Micronesia is gearing up to seat its two-year-term Congress members and representatives to the Third Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).

For Chuuk’s two-year-congressional-seat, running unopposed are incumbents Roosevelt Kansou from District 2 and Simion R. Innocenti of District 5. The untimely passing of Senator Nishima Yleizah has pitted Eriuo Airam against Henry Asugar in District 1, while District 3 has Simiran Sipenuk running against incumbent Speaker Jack Fritz. From District 4, Gorety G. Mori, Adan Moses and Pandinus N. Suzuki are challenging incumbent John R. Petewon.

From Pohnpei State all incumbents are being challenged by newcomers: District 1 incumbent Dohsis Halbert is being challenged by Yosuo Phillip, incumbent Wagner N. Lawrence of District 2 faces Benskin Etse, and opposing incumbent Peter M. Christian for District 3 is Paulino Rodriques.

Kosrae’s Claude H. Phillip and Yap’s Isaac Figir are both running unopposed for their State’s two-year-congressional seats.

An extended list of candidates is vying for Third Constitutional Convention representation. Two withdrawals from Chuuk State left 10 candidates running for the election districts: Camillo Noket from District 2 and Kasio Emil Mida of District 4 have no challengers.

Kachuo A. Eko, Kachutosy Silander and Lorin Robert are candidates for District 1. Awasio Epenrosa and Sanphy William are running in District 3, and Tony Otto and James A. Naich are up in District 5.

Running for the Chuuk Con-Con at-large position are Machine O’Sonis, Maketo Robert, Tadashi C. Wainit and John E. Sound.

The eight hopefuls running for Kosrae State Con-Con diverge from the other states, in that all candidates are vying for the same two positions, at-large and District. The candidate receiving the most votes will represent the at-large seat, leaving the District seat to the candidate with the second highest number of votes. Kosrae candidates are: Aliksa B. Aliksa, Harry Seymore, Thurston Siba, Yosiwo P. George, Aren Palik, Canner Palsis, Robert J. Weilbacher, and Madison O. Tosie.

Pohnpei State Con-Con candidates for the at-large seat include: Feliciano M. Perman, Bellarmine Ioanis, Simon Kihleng, Churchill Edward, Paul Gallen, Edwel H. Santos, Joseph S. Phillip and Beauleen Carl Worswick.

Con-Con candidates vying for the District votes include: from District 1, Akillino H. Susaia, Casiano Shoniber, Peter Lohn, and Emilio Musrasrik.

Running for District 2 are: John Ehsa, Berney Martin, Saped Santos, William Eperiam, Naiten Phillip, and Herman Semes.

District 3 hopefuls include: Welsin Helgenberger, Robert Nakasone, Delsin Ehmes and Esmond Moses.

Yap State parallels Kosrae’s deviation, where all candidates are vying for the at-large and District seat. Representing Yap are: John R. Haglelgam, Bernard N.Thoulag, James Leo Lukan and Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar.

The FSM Election Act establishes an election timetable, which determines the guidelines and precursors for elections in the States. Each state is dividing into election divisions corresponding to its number of two-year members in the FSM Congress.

The designated number of polling sites for each state reflects the divisions:

§ Chuuk – 105 polling stations

§ Pohnpei – 106 polling stations

§ Yap – 43 polling stations

§ Kosrae – 6 polling stations

These sites will open at 7:00 a.m. on Election Day and close at 5:00 p.m. that evening.

As a friendly reminder, National Election Director Max Mallarme told President Falcam and his cabinet that "March 6 is approaching fast."

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