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YAREN, Nauru (March 14, 2001 - Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat)---The government of Nauru will be seeking the reinstatement of Air Nauru’s Fiji-Manila-Nauru air link.

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) grounded Air Nauru in the wake of concerns about the airline's management and poor airport facilities in Nauru.

The ban has now been lifted, but with strict conditions imposed by CASA.

Some of the restrictions include the hiring of additional staff and the removal of selected routes from the airline’s service region.

Nauru's Economic Services Minister Kinza Clodumar said Air Nauru is on its way to meeting CASA's conditions.

"The conditions are just to beef up the operations section," he said in an interview with Pacific Beat’s Clement Paligaru.

"We have begun running ads in the newspaper and interviewing people. So we hope to get back to full strength," he said.

Despite the restrictions, the airline has continued to charter flights to neighboring Kiribati.

Clodumar said competition in the marketplace is getting crowded.

"We seem to be a victim of start-up airlines in Australia. We lost about five to seven (airline) captains to Virgin (Airlines)," he said. "This is really a problem."

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