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March 18, 2001

A small point on style which I respectfully draw to your attention:

In Fiji story "Qarase has announced he will run for office during the next national election": The Fiji parliamentary system is strongly based on those of Australia and New Zealand which in turn derive from Westminister. Candidates stand for seats in parliament, not for specific offices such as Prime Minister. The head of state (vice-regal governor-general in Australia and New Zealand) invites a member of the lower house to form a government. A government can (and sometimes is) formed from a minority grouping, providing it can muster a majority of votes to pass money and other essential legislation. The head of state can withdraw the "license" of a prime minister to head a government: (Australia 1975 – Whilam (majority) Govt. sacked and Fraser appointed to form new (minority) government to oversee fresh national elections). Thus: "Qarase has announced he will be a candidate in the next election".


Raymond Copley, Melbourne E-mail: raycop@bigpond.com 

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