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Suva, Fiji

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Ranjit Singh, Publisher, Fiji’s Daily Post, Suva, Fiji. March 26, 2001

I commend PINA for the coverage of my delivery at USP on the occasion of the launch of David Robie’s "The Pacific Journalist- A Practical Guide". I however would like to express my concern that some of the ills I mentioned in my speech have been unfortunately committed by PINA in its news coverage on its website. (See: Fiji Newspaper Publisher Singh Questions Standard Of USP Graduates )

While I did mention about some form of animosity between USP’s Journalism School and some media organisations, I did not name anyone. However, if one were to look at its news coverage, PINA stands out as one of them.

In my speech, I had been critical, but I had also raised considerable praise for the new book in particular and the Journalism School in general. I had a balanced speech, which looked at the positive as well as the negative sides.

However, if one were to look at PINA’s report, one would assume I never praised Journalism School or David Robie at all. It is such unbalanced reporting on the USP’s Journalism School by certain media organisations that is some cause for the friction and sour relationship I spoke about. Certainly, David Robie or his School are not the only ones at fault, as PINA reporting may have implied. The concerned media organizations, in particular, their Heads are equal contributors to the problem I spoke about.

I would like to reiterate that USP’s Journalism School has been doing a commendable job in uplifting the standard of journalism in the Region, especially when alternative opportunities are almost non-existent.

My organization is proud of two such products, Mithleshni Gurdayal and Christine Goundar. I would not hesitate to employ others because of their excellent performance.

(For complete speech by Ranjit Singh at USP, see 

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