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SUVA, Fiji Islands (April 10, 2001 – Radio Australia)---The Pacific's leading news magazine says the United States has declared itself to be an enemy of the island nations of the Pacific, by abandoning the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change.

As Radio Australia correspondent Sean Dorney reports, the publisher of the southern edition of Pacific Magazine has written in the latest issue that some low lying island nations face a calamity previously restricted to the pages of science fiction.

"In his magazine column, Robert Keith-Reid writes that the latest research - much of it done by American scientists - shows that the consequences of climate change may impact far more quickly and horribly than previously calculated.

"He asks what greater disaster could a country suffer than to simply disappear beneath the waves.

"Commenting on a recent meeting in Honolulu, Mr. Keith-Reid says the chief American military man in the region lectured to Pacific leaders about threats posed by money laundering, drug trafficking and organized crime. But, he asks, what is the real threat to the islands? He says the answer is the climate change policies of the new Bush Administration and adds that, regretfully, the Pacific Islands now need to consider the U.S. -- which generates a quarter of the world's greenhouse gases -- as the enemy.

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