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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (April 19, 2001 – Marshall Islands Journal)---The current session of the Nitijela is one of the most unproductive sessions in the legislature’s history.

After meeting for nearly half of its 50 annual sitting days, not one of the 13 bills introduced this session has passed third reading. The only bill to be passed into law this session is legislation introduced during the August 200 Session – the maritime law (bill 34).

In fact, though the Nitijela kicked off its session the day after New Year’s, a motion of no confidence in its second week halted activity for five days, and after the motion was defeated the Nitijela recessed until February.

The first piece of legislation wasn’t introduced until mid February.

The majority of the bills this session have been introduced since March 15.

Similarly, of the 14 resolutions introduced, none have been adopted. Eleven of the 14 were introduced starting a week ago Monday.

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