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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (April 13, 2001 – Marshall Islands Journal)---A Greenpeace request to meet with the Army command at Kwajalein has been denied by U.S. officials.

U.S. Ambassador Mike Senko said that Greenpeace request was "carefully considered" by an inter-agency group in Washington, D.C. before it was denied.

Senko was the top U.S. official to meet with Greenpeace officials, visiting the Rainbow Warrior when the vessel was docked in Majuro late last month.

Greenpeace disarmament campaigner Melanie Duchin said they requested to meet with the Army command "because we want to talk to everyone. It’s why we want to hold an open boat at Kwajalein. Maybe we will part with different opinions, but it’s important to exchange views."

Nuclear campaigner Mike Townsley said that something Greenpeace does worldwide is meet with people in business, industry and government on the opposite side of the issue from them.

"It’s so people see that we understand the issue," he said. "We’re quite happy to defend our arguments with rocket scientists."

Duchin added, "and we’re happy to hear their views."

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