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April 27, 2001

In reference to your April 26 posting, "RAINBOW WARRIOR ARRIVES IN MARSHALLS FOR ANTI-STAR WARS CAMPAIGN" (see: http://pidp.ewc.hawaii.edu/pireport/2001/April/04-26-03.htm): 

The Greenpeace spokesman is quoted as stating they are campaigning for an end to "Star Wars" (U.S. missile defense program) but not for the closure of Kwajalein Missile Range in the Marshall Islands, which employs 1,200 Marshallese.

Of course, Greenpeace and any other reasonable observer understands that if "Star Wars" ends, Kwajalein Missile Range will likely close, or at a minimum, greatly reduce staffing in response to greatly reduced operational requirements.

Greenpeace is silent at their Web site (see: http://www.greenpeace.org/);  the last update posted is for April 5. I have heard a rumor that, in fact, the Rainbow Warrior has already departed the Marshall Islands.

The RMI government reportedly took a very effective action to prevent any attempt by Greenpeace and its Rainbow Warrior crew to interfere with the testing program - it welcomed the visit but pointedly limited the time they could remain at Ebeye to less than 10 days, thus peacefully and effectively preventing any major plans Greenpeace may have had.

Looking forward to further comments and news regarding Greenpeace and Rainbow Warrior presence in the Marshall Islands.

Mike Pettitt  E-mail:michael.pettitt@tmsg.sytexinc.com  

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