June 20, 2001

This is a newsletter that is intended to give those interested an update on the Bikini Atoll Dive and Sports Fishing programs on a periodic basis.

*This week, the History Channel's "This Week In History" is detailing the story behind some of NEWSWEEK's historic covers.

Read NEWSWEEK's July 1, 1946 cover story on the imminent South Pacific test of a brand-new weapon called the atomic bomb. 

*Our new dive boat, the Able Baker [named after the code names for the first two nuclear tests on Bikini that actually sunk the ships], has been dedicated and is on its way to Bikini to begin operations after our short break [June 27-July 18] on July 18. The fiberglass boat is 42 feet long with a 14.6-foot beam and has been professionally rebuilt from top to bottom. Pictures to come!

*We now have Bikini Atoll Divers Saratoga CV-3 "Wreck*Tech*Nitrox*" *Polo* shirts at the Bikini Atoll Online Store, so those of you who have been pestering me about polo shirts can now stop. They come in medium, large and x-large sizes and are white. 


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