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By Aeo‘ainuu Aleki

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (June 20, 2001 – Samoa News)---The amount of trash floating in Pago Pago Harbor yesterday morning so incensed District Governor Faumuina S. Satele that he declared he would be taking measures not only to deal with the problem, but to prevent it from occurring in other eastside villages.

The trash was largely plastic and paper containers and cans.

One Pago villager, who talked to Samoa News on grounds of anonymity, said, "It is common practice for people to use the rivers and streams as rubbish bins."

Faumuina said he has drawn the media's attention to the problem because he wants other villages to be conscious of the need to maintain the natural beauty of the landscape and sea around them.

The district governor, who is also a member of the Territorial Beautification Committee, said he has advised the pulenu‘us of every village, particularly Pago Pago, about their beautification duties.

He said he has asked the pulenu‘us to actively discourage families living near streams from using the streams as trashcans.

"What happens is this trash all ends up in the ocean," Faumuina pointed out.

"The early morning scene in the Bay Area is a sad story, and I wish the pulenu‘us would be more vigilant."

Commenting on the district governor's resolve to work with the pulenu‘us, another onlooker at the scene, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "It is proper and effective. But I think it takes time for the people to really accept that rivers and streams should not be used to dump rubbish."

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