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From: Biofule Oceania Date: June 26, 2001 Subject: Vanuatu Leads The Way In Using Coconut Fuel

The article reported in the June 22, 2001 issue of Pacific Island Report (see: http://pidp.ewc.hawaii.edu/pireport/2001/June/06-22-19.htm) could possibly result in substantial financial cost to those who accept it at face value.

We believe that it is very important that your Pacific Island readers are made aware of the well recorded and generally well known facts regarding the use of coconut oil as an alternative to traditional fossil derived diesel fuel.

All major manufacturers of diesel engines will provide full manufacturer's warranties to engines using 100% biodiesel meeting these quality standards (or any lesser percentage of biodiesel mixed with petroleum diesel).

We applaud the people in Vanuatu who are experimenting with use of coconut oil as an alternative fuel. However there is a wealth of technology and information readily available that would undoubtedly save them a good deal of time and expensive experimentation.

We can only hope that anyone tempted to use coconut oil that has not been first converted to biodiesel, is either a motor mechanic or engineer, or has sufficient financial resources to fund substantial and regular repairs to their engines.

If anyone seeks further information or advice, we can be contacted at biofuel-oceania@xtra.co.nz

Yours faithfully,

Biofuel Oceania

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