SUVA, Fiji Islands (July 13, 2001 – Fiji’s Daily Post/FijiLive)---Former Fiji Red Cross boss John Scott and his lover Gregory Scrivener would have died much earlier if their alleged killer Apete Kaisau had not slept past his deadline.

The circumstances of the slayings are beginning to unfold as investigations into Kaisau's alleged confession come to light.

Police sources said Kaisau's gruesome mission started early on Saturday evening June 30 when he left his home at Colo-i-Suva and headed for Tamavua Village.

At Tamavua village, Kaisau went to see a relative who is a watchman at the Tamavua Water Treatment plant.

He spent the night there sleeping like a log.

When dawn broke, Kaisau jumped up excited and asked for the time.

He was told it was just after 6.00 a.m. on Sunday morning, July 1.

Without a word, he stormed out, picked up his cane knife, which he had wrapped with a piece of a carton and walked towards the main road - destination the Scott's residence.

He calmly walked up the driveway and saw John Scott standing on the terrace of the house having a breath of fresh air.

As soon as Scott saw him he ran into the house with Kaisau in pursuit.

The chase went on from room to room and ended up in the couple’s bedroom.

It was here that Kaisau struck Scott on the neck.

Gregory Scrivener was asleep in bed naked.

He suddenly woke up and saw the drama as Kaisau continued to hack Scott.

Scrivener dived at Kaisau but the killer got to him and knifed him chopping off his hand.

That was around 6.30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

With both men dead, Kaisau quietly walked out the front door, threw the knife on a heap of garden refuse, took off the blood stained shirt he had on, and covered it with the piece of carton he had earlier used to cover the knife.

He then followed the short cut track at the back of the house towards Tamavua village.

At Tamavua village, he went to his cousin's house and washed his hands and the canvas shoes he had on.

He spoke with his cousin and gave her a pair of shoes to keep.

He then went to church.

During the church service, he noticed the large police presence in the village.

It was here, that it dawned on Kaisau that the police were onto his crime.

Soon after, he went to his cousin's house, reclaimed the canvas shoes and left for Nadi.

It was only after police questioned Tamavua residents that suspicion focused on the unexpected arrival of Kaisau at the village on that Sunday morning.

From there the police tracked him down to Nadi.

Surprisingly, when police came across him in Nadi Kaisau was still holding on to the canvas shoes that gave him away, wrapped in a plastic bag.

Back at Tamavua police re-visited the scene, with Kaisau giving them a blow-by-blow account of how one of the country's most gruesome killings happened.

According to police they are now trying to determine the motives behind the killing.

Two theories are surfacing.

One is that Kaisau wanted to put an end to Scott and Scrivener selling drugs to the village youths at Tamavua and the other is that, Kaisau believed Scott had informed on him, which led to his being deported from New Zealand on June 10 this year for overstaying.

The question is, was Kaisau the man who met Scott at the Fiji Red Cross office on the morning of Friday June 29 and threatened to kill him?

According to Dr. Sukabula Qalo, the doctor who came from Australia to accompany his namesake for medical treatment in Australia, he was waiting for Scott outside his office that morning.

An agitated Scott told him: "Did you see that slimy character coming out off my office just now. He had just threatened to kill me."

That was 24 hours before the double murder happened.

Had he taken that threat seriously would Scott be still alive today?

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