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By J. Vallejera

TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands (July 12, 2001 – Saipan Tribune)---Tinian’s one and only website -- featuring photographs of the island’s picturesque beauty as well as a calendar of events -- was created less than a year ago, but it is gaining a lot of attention and popularity at home and abroad.

"The website was created mainly for the youth, who greatly utilize the Internet to gather information and communicate," said Juanita M. Mendiola, chairman of the Tinian Municipal Council.

Janet King, executive director of the Tinian Municipal Council, said that the council and the Marianas Visitors Authority, along with Sunset Advertising, came up with the design and layout for the site.

She said that its primary purpose is to promote Tinian Island to visiting guests, and also to educate investors about the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

"The site provides information such as population, government, banking and currency, infrastructure and essential services, the economy, transportation, education, community organizations, and links to other websites from the CNMI," King said, adding that it also provides information to the people of Tinian.

Two of the most innovative features of the website allow users to send virtual postcards featuring Tinian scenes, and a community forum where users can post messages in answer to important issues affecting the Northern Marianas, particularly Tinian.

"In June, the featured issue focused on asking the question, ‘What are some programs that could benefit the youth of Tinian?’" she recounted.

According to a sitemeter, which measures the number of visitors (usually called hits) to a website, at least 1,797 have already logged on to the site, and many more are still finding out about it.

King said that the site averages 16 hits per day, with each visit averaging almost three minutes.

"Last week alone, the site registered 116 visits," she said.

As for page views, a total of 2,843 pages have already been viewed, averaging around 25 per day. Last week, 196 pages were viewed.

If you are interested in learning more about Tinian, visit the Welcome to Tinian website at:

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