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CONGRESSMAN ROBERT A. UNDERWOOD Delegate from Guam U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C.

NEWS RELEASE July 30, 2001


Congressman Robert A. Underwood secured a $12 million "member add-on" for Guam Army and Air National Guard facilities during Friday's mark-up of the Fiscal Year 2002 military construction authorization bill by the House Subcommittee on Military Installations and Facilities, bringing the total slated for Guam to $66.2 million.

"Every year, Department of Defense activities are authorized in one big bill, then each subcommittee of Armed Services handles their part. This (the mark-up) is where we fight for our various projects," the Congressman said, adding that member requests totaled more than a billion dollars, but only $300 million were included.

"There was some serious doubt as to whether any more funding would be made for the Readiness Center, because it was not showing up on any request from the administration, so I fought hard to get it added in the subcommittee. We were able to add $7.7 million for Phase II."

Congressman Underwood also added $4.3 million for a training facility for the Guam Air National Guard, which does not have permanent facilities of its own and has never received an appropriation.

"We certainly welcome the boost in military construction activity, but more importantly, this is a recognition of our own people in uniform, particularly in the Army and the Air Guard," Underwood said.

The bill also contains $10.1 million for Air Force projects at Andersen and $24.1 million for the Navy. The Air Force request is for $4.5 million for a Forward Operation Location War Reserve Material Facility and $5.6 million to replace Security Forces Operation. The Navy is requesting $9.3 million for modernization of Bachelor Enlisted Quarters and $14.8 million for Public Works Waterfront Utilities.

"We always try to get a sense of what the military is planning, depending on the kind of projects they want funded. I think the water front utilities project is important because it means that the Navy is gearing up to accommodate more visits by ships," Underwood said.

The bill also contains $20 million to continue the replacement of Andersen's hydrant fuel system. The funding, however, is not being counted against the Air Force account, but rather to DoD's general spending.

"By the time this project is completed, Andersen will have the largest fuel capacity in the entire Pacific," he said.

The bill is expected to be taken up by the Armed Services Committee this week and is anticipated to go to the House floor by week's end.

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