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By Laufaleaina Eli Wansolwara Online (USP)

SUVA, Fiji Islands (August 12, 2001 - Wansolwara Online/Pasifik Nius)---A former University of the South Pacific academic today criticized the 12-nation institution for putting too much emphasis on producing graduates who "accumulate wealth" rather than those who "create wealth."

Dr. Fereti Dewa. a Dodonu ni Taukei Party candidate in this month's Fiji general election, said USP was producing too many bankers and accountants but the country needed more people such as technicians and marine specialists.

Dr. Dewa, a former mathematics and computing lecturer, told a media election seminar that there was too much emphasis placed on USP's School of Social and Economic Development rather than its School of Pure and Applied Sciences.

"At USP, SSED is bigger than SPAS which means that too much emphasis is placed on those who accumulate wealth rather than those who create wealth,'' said Dr. Dewa.

"SSED produces people like bankers and accountants. We already have a lot of bankers and accountants. We need more emphasis on SPAS because we need more people like technicians and marine specialists."

Dr. Dewa, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, said USP's School of Marine Studies should have been set up a long time ago.

"We are a maritime nation with plenty of marine resources that can be used in many ways, yet the marine school was just set up a few years ago," Dr. Dewa said.

He said USP should carry out research on types of building materials that can be manufactured locally.

"As an educational institution, USP should have a department that will look at local materials that can be used for building houses which are cyclone-proof," he said.

Dr. Dewa said that a couple of years ago, a foreigner did research and found out that clay had a lot of potential as a building material in Fiji.

"And USP should have expanded on that because it seems like a very promising area," he said.

Dr. Dewa pledged that if elected to power, he and his party would press these issues.

The two-day seminar, organized by the Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association (PIBA) and the Pacific Concerns resource Centre (PCRC), ended today.

Title -- 3323 POLITICS: More experts, fewer bankers plea to USP Date -- 12 August 2001 Byline -- None Origin -- Pasifik Nius Source -- Wansolwara Online, 12/8/1 Copyright -- USP Journalism Status – Unabridged

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