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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (September 8, 2001 - PINA Nius Online)---A tiny, beautiful bird found only on an island in the Solomons is the focus of conservation group WWF's activities to mark International Threatened Species Day.

The Ghizo White-eye lives only on Ghizo Island.

WWF Solomon Islands estimates that only around 1,000 of these birds now exist. The bird makes its home in thick woodland vegetation.

But habitat loss through clearance for timber, firewood and gardens is threatening the very survival of the bird, WWF Solomon Islands says.

WWF held a guided Nature Wokabaot yesterday for anyone interested in learning about the Ghizo White-eye.

Tour Leader Bruno Manele, a WWF staff member who led Nature Wokabaot tours on Ghizo Island earlier this year, said: "The Ghizo White-eye is a cute little bird. It is not easy to see; it is quite rare.

"You have to know where to find it. And you have to know the times that it comes out of the bush."

With so many species now at risk of extinction, International Threatened Species Day is held on the 7th of September every year. It highlights the plight of the world's threatened species and ecological communities.

"We encourage everyone to get involved and to participate in an event or activity during the week around the 7th of September," says Seri Hite, Country Program Manager for WWF Solomon Islands.

WWF says people can help by:

In the longer term, organizations and individuals can help by:

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