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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (August 24, 2001 – Marshall Islands Journal)---Policing Majuro’s lagoon is getting to be a full time job for the Majuro Atoll Local Police department (MALG), which caught two vessels dumping pollution into the lagoon and a third vessel stealing food and other materials from a small island on the north side of Majuro --all in the past two weeks.

The captain of the visiting Russian mother ship "Tagan Rogskiy Zaliv", Captain V. Koval, and 11 of his crew were released on August 12 for going to Anil Island and stealing sand from the beach, and littering and stealing coconuts and bananas, according to MALG CID Sgt. Joseph Imaikta in a report to the Journal.

MALG police bordered the large transshipment vessel and made the arrests a week ago Sunday. They also took photographs of the incident at Anil Island.

The two pollution incidents involved purse seiners while they were tied up to larger mother ships for off-loading tuna.

On August 9, at about 4 p.m., the MALG patrol boat caught the purse seiner Sajo Familia draining brine water into the lagoon. Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority observers reported the pollution problem, MALG police said.

The other incident occurred on August 18 at about 5:50 p.m. involving the purse seiner Castel Braz that was tied to the transshipment vessel Tai Fu #1. During the tuna transshipment operation, the purse seiner drained brine water, the police reported.

This infraction was also viewed by a MIMRA observer, they said. The police report said that the pollution could be seen floating from the stern of the ship for about a mile.

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