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By Jasmine J. Hency

KOROR, Palau (September 6, 2001 – The Kaselehlie Press)---Singich Chin, a.k.a. the Chinaman, was convicted last Wednesday, August 29th, by Chief Justice Arthur Ngirakalsong of several counts of methamphetamine, or ice, trafficking and possession. The sentence could mean Chin spending 75 years behind bars with a fine of $1,000,000.

Chin had already been facing charges in two other cases pending before the Palau Supreme Court. The first was the result of a sting operation wherein a confidential informant posed as a buyer and bought $500 dollars (2 plates of the drug) of ice from Chin. The marked money was found in Chin’s vehicle and several more plates were found in his home during an execution of a search warrant. The second charge was also based on a second sting operation wherein another confidential informant posed as a buyer and bought $500 of ice from Chin. A search of Chin’s car revealed 16 more plates (over 6 grams) in a medicine vial behind the radio console.

Because of the minimum-mandatory sentence of 25 years imprisonment and a $50,000 fine for each drug trafficking offense, Chin faces a maximum of 75 years imprisonment and a million dollars in fines. Sentencing of Chin will be heard on October 19, 2001.

Chin’s conviction was made possible by the Bureau of Public Safety Narcotics Officers and the Guam Police Department, specifically Monica Ada, who gave expert testimony regarding the methamphetamine drug.

The Attorney General’s Office commended the following officers for their aid in this case: Narcotic Chief Theodore Subris; Det. Felix Francisco; Officer Flory Esebei; Officer Dolyn Tell; Officer Harline Stark; OSP Investigator Bradley Kumangai; Officer John Gabriel; Det. Temdik Ngriblekuu; Det. Aloysius Alonz; and Officer Cedrix Tatingal.

Counsel for government were Attorney General Steven Carrara and Investigator Richard Ngiratrang. Counsel for Chin was Oldiais Ngiraikelau.

Courtesy of Moses Uludong of the TIA BELAU NEWS.

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