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September 2001

President George W. Bush The White House Washington, DC 20500 United States of America

Re: Pacific Appeal for Peace

Dear Mr. Bush,

It was with great shock and sadness that we, the undersigned, learnt of the terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September, 2001. In a letter dated 13 September to the US Embassy in Suva, Fiji, the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, on behalf of the people in the Pacific, conveyed our sincere condolences to the people and government of the US, and especially to the families of the innocent victims.

We strongly condemn the act of indiscriminate violence employed in this tragedy and join the call by peace movements worldwide for a peaceful resolution to this crisis. We in the Pacific feel particularly vulnerable by calls for retaliation and war because, with numerous US military bases located in our region, we are prime targets for any US enemy.

We believe more deeply than ever that peace through dialogue is the way forward in a democratic process. Military retaliation will only add to the carnage, continue to fuel the cycle of violence that struck America on 11 September, and further endanger lives the world over.

We ask that the US stand by the principles it holds close democracy, tolerance and its belief in upholding the rule of law. We urge the Bush Administration not to act hastily through military retaliation, but to conduct a thorough investigation and seek a lawful resolution through the international court system.

Those behind the attacks must be found and brought to justice such a path should not be cut short by the emotions of the moment. Strengthening, not breaking, the international legal order will provide better protection for everyone in the long term.

Furthermore, we assert that the government of a nation, and particularly its people, not be condemned or held accountable for the actions of any terrorist group that may operate within its borders without compelling evidence of complicity. In turn, innocent civilians living within any nation found responsible, in part or in full, for the crimes perpetrated against the United States, must be guaranteed safety and immunity from any military or judicial action taken against the state in which they reside.

We also call for the US to take this opportunity, as tragic and horrific as it may be, to look within its own borders and consider why it has become the target of such hatred as we must find ways to heal and end the cycles of violence and retribution.

Signed in peace,

The member organisations and friends of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement:

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (NFIP Secretariat), Fiji Islands

Pacific Conference of Churches, Pacific Churches Secretariat, Fiji Islands

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, Fiji Islands

Femlink Pacific, Fiji Islands (Anna Padarath)

Ruth Penido, Brazil / Fiji Islands

Kudru Na Vanua, Fiji Islands

Fiji Anti-Nuclear Group, Fiji Islands

Fiji YWCA, Fiji Islands

Fiji Women s Rights Movement, Fiji Islands

Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women, Fiji Islands

Tonga Human Rights and Democracy Movement, Tonga (Lopeti Senituli, Director)

Tonga National Council of Churches, Tonga

Tonga Association of Non-Government Organisations, Tonga

House of Ariki (Kings and Queens), Cook Islands (Pa Upokotini Ariki, President)

Cook Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations, Cook Islands (Punanga Tauturu)

Cook Islands National Council of Women, Cook Islands

Nauru Association of Non-Government Organisations, Nauru

Ekalesia Niue, Niue

Niue Council of Women, Niue

Samoa Umbrella for Non-Government Organisations, Samoa

O Le Siosiomaga Society, Samoa

Le Tausagi, American Samoa

AMAK (National Women s Federation), Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati National Council of Churches, Republic of Kiribati

Tuvalu Association of Non-Government Organisations, Tuvalu

Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu, Tuvalu

Sonsorol State, Republic of Palau

Palau Visitors Authority, Republic of Palau

Organisation for the Protection of Indigenous Rights, Guam (Rufo J. Lujan)

Chamoru National Tribunal Council, Guam

National Council of Women, Northern Mariannas

Waan Aelon in Majel, Republic of the Marshall Islands (Dennis Alessio, Director)

Youth to Youth in Health Group, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Rongelap Youth, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Conseil Territorial Des Femmes de Wallis et Futuna, Wallis and Futuna

Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisations Secretariat, Vanuatu (Henry Vira, Coordinator)

Vanuatu Alliance of Non-Government Organisations, Vanuatu

Nasional Komuniti Development Tryst, Vanuatu

Industrial Development and Economic Alternative for Sanma, Vanuatu

Turaga Nation & Tuvanuatu Kominiti, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Women s Centre, Vanuatu

Union Syndicale des Travaillerus Kanak et Exploites, Kanaky (New Caledonia)

Front de Liberation Nationale Kanak et Socialiste, Kanaky (New Caledonia)

Tavini Huraatira No Te Ao Maohi, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Te Taata Tahiti Tiama, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Hiti Tau, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Eglise Evangelique de Polynesie Francaise, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Ligue des Droits de l’Homme de Polynesie Teturaetara, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

A Tia I Mua, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Pomare Parti, Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia)

Solomon Islands Christian Association, Solomon Islands

Development Services Exchange, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Indigenous People s Environmental Network, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Development Trust, Solomon Islands PNG Council of Churches, Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Solidarity, Papua New Guinea

Individual & Community Rights Advocacy Forum Inc, Papua New Guinea

Pan Papua Organisation, Papua New Guinea

Papua Conservation Foundation, Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Environment Foundation, Papua New Guinea

Bougainville Community Based Integrated Humanitarian Program, Bougainville

Bougainville Interchurch Women s Forum, Bougainville

Organisasi Papua Merdeka, West Papua

Te Koro Hu a Rapa Nui, Rapa Nui

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Aotearoa (New Zealand) (Joan Macdonald)

Rebecca Singh, Lyann Bossely, TV 3, New Zealand

Ema Tavola, Fiji Islands/ Auckland NZ

Freedom Roadworks, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Te Reo Oranga O Te Moana Nui A Kiwa, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Te Rau Aroha, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Protect Waitangi Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Women for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific, Australia

Elizabeth Hogan (Australian Volunteers International), Australia

Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Tokyo, Japan (Hideyuki Ban, Co-Director)

Nuclear Free Pacific Centre, Japan

Yay Yukar Ainu Ethnic Society, Japan

Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security, Japan

Gensuikin, Japan

Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition, Philippines

Codillera People s Alliance, Philippines

Kalipuman Ng Mga Katutubona Mamamayan Ng Pilipinas, Philippines

Gabriella, Philippines

Asian Indigenous Women s Network, Philippines

Hague Appeal For Peace Pacific Forum, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (Richard N. Salvador)

Ohana Koa/NFIP Hawaii Chapter, USA

Ka Pakaukau, Hawaii, USA

Na O Iwi, Hawaii, USA

International Possibilities Unlimited, Washington, DC (Dr. Deborah Robinson, Executive Director)

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA (Carah Ong)

International Indian Treaty Council, USA

Indigenous Peoples Program, University of Saskatchewan, Canada (Priscilla Settee, Director)

The Pacific Peoples' Partnership, Canada (Rita Parikh, Executive Director & Jack Lakavich, President)

Gayda Errett, Ontario, Canada

TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign, United Kingdom (Carmel Budiardjo, Director)

Pacific Information Desk, Division of World Mission, Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria, Germany (Julia Ratzmann)

Handle on Development Resource Centre (Jacqueline Neun, Administrator)

Women s Action for Change, Fiji Islands (Peter Sipeli, Carlos Perera, Penny Moore, Laura Qalova, Paul Daveta & Joeli Bose) ECOWOMAN and the Once & Future Action Network: Women in science & technology, WAINIMATE Association of Traditional Healers, Fiji Islands (Ruth E. Lechte & Diane Goodwillie)

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