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KOSRAE VISITORS BUREAU Tofol, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia

NEWS RELEASE September 28, 2001

NOVEMBER 15, 2001

It is that time of the year where the entire island population of Kosrae gathers to celebrate their island lifestyle with plenty of food, sports competitions, agriculture product displays, school presentations, NGO displays, handicrafts, woodcrafts, local clothing displays, local business product displays, floats, dances, etc.

The Kosrae State Government is organizing the November 15 event in collaboration with key private businesses on the island.

"Organizers for the event are yet to decide on a specific theme but this year’s event will definitely proceed with bigger and more special activities than the previous ones," said Chairman Robert H Jackson. "Ongoing fundraisers are being held and all proceeds will go toward obtaining award materials for competitors.

"We have invited and hosted the Vice Speaker of the FSM Congress, the Australian Ambassador and other dignitaries here before. That’s how big this event is for us."

The committee plans to hold the celebrations at the government center in Tofol, where the capital is located.

Previous major donors, such as Continental Micronesia, FSM Development Bank, Bank of the FSM, Bank of Hawai‘i, Aston Holiday Resort Guam, etc. where highly recognized by the Kosrae community and being asked to contribute again.

Please contact Fund Raising Committee Chairman Grant Ismael at kosrae@mail.fm or Kun J. Sigrah at Bofsmkos@mail.fm, Tel (691) 370-2228); fax (691) 370-3000 if you wish to contribute to the biggest event in Kosrae.

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