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By Colin Taimbari

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (October 9, 2001 – The National)---Parliament was warned yesterday that Muslims could take over Papua New Guinea through neighboring Indonesia -- the world's largest Muslim nation.

Bulolo MP Samson Napo said PNG should start to seriously view the terrorist actions arising out of Afghanistan as well illegal human smuggling syndicates operating in Indonesia.

Muslim refugees could easily enter PNG through its land border with Irian Jaya, he said.

Australia's tough stance against the mainly Afghan refugees recently rescued from a sinking Indonesian vessel made this possibility even more significant, he added.

Mr. Napo also questioned how the PNG government had allowed the Muslims to set up their mosque in Port Moresby in the first place.

He said that decision should be revoked and the mosque should be destroyed.

Mr. Napo claimed that the Muslims were a dangerous group of people, who believe in war and death and are not Christians like the majority of Papua New Guineans.

"If they go into war and die, they will go to heaven ... that's their belief," he said.

He said there may now be only 80 Muslims in PNG but this number may increase dramatically with the recruitment of unsuspecting Papua New Guineans over the next 20 years.

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