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PAPE‘ETE, Tahiti, French Polynesia (October 10, 2001 – Tahitipresse)---The Marquesas Islands, located in the northeast part of French Polynesia, are known to be a rough place.

Marquesans call the archipelago "Henua Enata," the "Land of Men," where now and then, on Nuku Hiva, the main island of the Marquesas, young hunters dare to capture wild goats.

They climb the steep hills of the island with their dogs. They track down the goats near Nuku Hiva’s rugged cliffs.

This traditional hunting is quite dangerous and many accidents occur each year.

Marquesan hunters often stay in the mountains many days. They will, in fact, stay away from home until they get all the food they need. No more, no less.

Hunters use guns and knifes to hunt the wild goats. Then, it will take them many hours to walk back to their villages with their catch.

Life in the Marquesas is never easy.

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