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Saipan Tribune Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

October 17, 2001


The Issue: The increase in spousal abuse here. This needs revisiting not necessarily by law enforcement agencies but parents themselves. The two must come to terms with the root cause of violence.

The increase in spousal abuse is, indeed, very alarming. Although expert counselors can offer assistance, this issue really boils down to both parents taking the first step to discussing the root cause of violence in the family.

It is important to come to grips with this issue given the obvious need to weed out root causes of violence that end up victimizing even young innocent children. Are the root causes of violence alcohol related, use of potent drugs, frustration over shortfall of family budget, or just what is it?

Young children need the love, peace and guidance of their parents as they grow up. Subjecting them to unnecessary violence in their tender age gradually builds in them a harbored rage that would turn into instant flashbacks in their adult years. It is this very end result of violence over the long term that must be prevented as our young children learn how to deal with real life situations.

In order to avoid exposing children to violence, both mom and dad need to sit down and sift through the maze of what triggers violence at home. A fragile and dedicated mother doesn't deserve a beating whenever dad comes home drunk or uses a potent drug that triggers violence.

Fathers must understand too that being a mother is itself a very difficult task. It is even more difficult when she too must work to pitch into the family pocketbook. She too comes home exhausted but must extend her work for another four hours to ensure that the children complete their homework, clean-up, are fed and say their prayers before calling it a night.

Dad can harness his raging energy by partaking in the chores at home after work. Resorting to drugs or alcohol isn't the answer to rearing young minds who rely on your firm hands to guide them forward in their confused little world. Help your spouse deal with your children in a buddy-like system. It makes for good relationship in mature fashion. Yes, there are no manuals for bringing up children. There's trial and error that are placed right in the palm of your hands. Let's do it for peace of mind of all family members. Si Yuus Maase`!

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