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By R.K. Nugroho The Jakarta Post

JAYAPURA, Irian Jaya, Indonesia (October 19, 2001 – The Jakarta Post/Kabar-Irian)---Trikora Military Command chief Maj. Gen. Mahidin Simbolon confirmed on Wednesday in Jayapura that the military had conducted raids of rebels' camps in Kali Kopi village, Mimika regency, Irian Jaya.

Interviewed by The Jakarta Post in his office, Mahidin said that seven rebels were arrested in the raids, while the alleged leader, Kelly Kwalik, escaped.

He said his troopers were successful less than one week after they raided another rebels' base camp in Bonggo, Jayapura.

Mahidin said there was no gunfire exchanged between his men and the rebels during Tuesday's raids.

"The seven rebels arrested are Pegemis Kugoya, Isak Nawea, Ones Waker, Yolinus Alom, Samuel Nawipa, Edy Kugoya and Tobyas Magal."

They are all members of the self-proclaimed Papua's National Liberation Army, Mahidin said.

The military confiscated a 7.62 millimeter SP rifle with 14 rounds of ammunition, a SS-1 rifle with 100 rounds, 20 axes, 14 commando knives, military uniforms, 250 kilograms of rice and Rp 766,000 (US$ 76.61) in cash.

"All of the items are now in police custody. What happens to the seven rebels depends on the police," Mahidin said.

Quoting the personnel, he said that Kelly Kwalik might have taken refuge in the forests around Timika, where the head office of giant mining company Freeport Indonesia is located.

Kwalik's men are believed to be behind the 1996 kidnapping of researchers as well as other crimes, including the killing of a civilian in February.

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