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Nuku‘alofa, Tonga

PRESS RELEASE December 6, 2001


An Inspection Team has been approved by His Majesty’s Government to introduce minimum standards for tourist accommodation facilities in the Kingdom of Tonga, as part of an overall effort to improve Tonga’s image as an attractive tourist destination.

This Inspection Team has been appointed to closely implement and monitor the recently approved Tourist Act 1976 Amendment: "Minimum Standards for Tourist Accommodation Facilities in Tonga."

The amendments, which became effective as of July 23, 2001, prescribe standards to be complied with in the provision of accommodations and by restaurants, services of travel agents and tour operators and any other tourist facilities.

This whole framework was endorsed following approved legislation by the European Union (EU) to protect their citizens from harm when traveling abroad as tourists.

The EU and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) have therefore made efforts to disseminate this information.

In its endeavor to ensure the security of tourists, the World Tourism Organization has taken into account planning and provisional services in the tourism industry, notably determining their safety from physical harm and the provision of information about key contacts in the case of encountering security problems.

In ensuring that Tonga is in line with these standards, accommodation facilities as well as the provision of associated services of sufficient quality, paying particular attention to hygiene, physical cleanliness and quality service, are appropriate targets.

His Majesty’s Government has therefore approved an inspection team to introduce the minimum standards at tourist accommodation facilities in the islands of Tongatapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai.

Members of the Inspection team comprise the following:


Deputy Director of Tourism, Mr. Taniela Fusimalohi

Senior Tourist Officer (Licensing), Mr. Sonasi Tupou

Tourist Officer (Tourism Development), Mr. Anthony Cocker

Public Health Inspector from the Ministry of Health, Mr. Uepi Lea

Leading Fireman from the Fire Services, Ministry of Police, Mr. Tonga ‘Olie

With the initiative to improve Tonga’s image as a tourist destination, it is anticipated that the minimum standards will enhance the growth of the tourist industry.

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