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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (January 8, 2002 - Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation/PINA Nius Online)---Honiara businessman Robert Goh will chair Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza's Think Tank Taskforce addressing the country's economic problems.

Sir Allan said Mr. Goh had accepted the appointment as Think Tank chair and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for the token payment of $1 a year.

His $1-a-year appointment comes amidst criticism of the cost of the growing number of permanent secretaries and advisers being appointed by the new government.

The Think Tank is a key part of Sir Allan's efforts to revive the economy after two years of ethnic conflict and continuing law and order problems.

Exports and employment have nose dived because of the closure of major companies during the crisis.

Mr. Goh is treasurer of Sir Allan’s Peoples Alliance Party.

Sir Allan thanked Mr. Goh for being willing to accept payment of one dollar a year. He said this was a clear sign of Mr. Goh's commitment to provide service to the country.

The Prime Minister's Office, however, will be responsible for any disbursements and out of pocket expenses that Mr. Goh may incur in his work as Special Adviser.

Besides the Special Adviser, Sir Allan also has a Political Adviser and a Special Secretary.

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