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News Release February 1, 2002

Amnesty International confirmed today that its delegation left Papua province, Indonesia, several days earlier than planned, in response to a request from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Amnesty International always works openly with the permission of governments. Central and provincial officials were informed of the organization's intention to visit Papua in advance of the delegation's arrival. Amnesty International regrets any misunderstanding about the purpose the delegation's presence in Papua, which was intended to further the organization's understanding of a broad range of human rights issues through dialogue with concerned parties. The human rights situation in Papua remains of deep concern to Amnesty International and the organization will continue its work to promote human rights in the province and elsewhere in Indonesia.

Amnesty International is grateful for the assistance given to its delegation by local officials in Papua. The organization greatly values the dialogue it has with the Indonesian government, and regards its access to the country in recent years as a step forward in human rights protection.

Amnesty International hopes that any concerns held by the authorities in Jakarta can be quickly resolved and that it can return to Papua in the near future for further discussions with human rights defenders, local officials and others concerned with the human rights situation in the province. Amnesty International firmly believes that such discussions will contribute to a better understanding of the situation in Papua and help to promote and protect human rights.

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