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Suva, Fiji Islands

News Release February 5, 2002

The Executive Board of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific (NFIP) Movement, and its secretariat the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, is currently holding its annual meeting in Suva to discuss future priority issues and strategies for the Movement.

The NFIP Movement was formed in Suva, Fiji in 1975 by students, churches, environmental groups, independence movements, and peace activists from around the region to protest against the resumption of French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Since then the NFIP Movement has evolved to support independence struggles in the Pacific, indigenous sovereignty and land rights, the removal of foreign military presence and the use of the Pacific as a military playground to test weapons, economic justice, and human rights.

The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, as the secretariat of the Movement, advocates and coordinates action, and disseminates information on issues and concerns raised by the Movement at its premier conference held every three years.

The last conference was held in Tahiti in 1999, with the next conference scheduled to be held in Tonga in the next year.

Executive Board members represent eight regional country groupings within the NFIP zone, which does not recognize the Pacific boundaries drawn up by colonial powers.

The current NFIP Executive Board Members comprise independence activists from Te Ao Maohi (French Polynesia) and West Papua, indigenous leaders from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Chamorro people of Guam and First Nations of Canada, NGO and church leaders from Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu, a Tongan MP and supporter of the democracy movement, a peace activist from the Philippines and a Maori youth activist from Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The Executive Board is responsible for policy, staffing and the overall direction of PCRC.

For more information please contact Stanley Simpson or Hannah Harborow on: Phone: (679) 304 649 Fax: (679) 304 755 or e-mail: [email protected].f j 

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