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March 2, 2002

I am a Tongan who is completely disgruntled by the current situation in Tonga.

I have never seen such spinsters from the Tongan government, spinning and grinding the PR machines so well to mask the obvious, the blatant, the mockery that is the Tongan Royal Family and their supporters.

And why shouldn't they be supportive they say, don't bite the hand that feeds you! The Royals and their supporters lie and writhe in the same bed, passing the seminal fluid of greed and corruption to each other, basking proudly in their status and positions, while innocent Tongans, the backbone of our island, struggle to make the best of such horrible living conditions.

The Crown Prince is a selfish pompous individual, who refers to his Tongan subjects as "people with a squatter mentality"...well perhaps His Royal Highness should step down from his lofty mansion and show these people how to live. After all, it is through their loyalty, blood, sweat and tears that he was able to educate himself about the finer things in life.

It is so vulgar and utterly tasteless how he flaunts his material possessions while healthcare in Tonga makes HMOs look like a trip to Disneyland. I wouldn’t be surprised if some patients just asked to be put to death.

He and his sister Princess Pilolevu are vampires, sucking on the blood of a nation that is not wholly theirs, prostituting Tonga's resources like high rolling pimps and reaping the benefits of financial wealth but never sharing it with the people who are the rightful benefactors. While the Crown Prince decks his palace with marble and gold, the roads in some areas look like craters on the moon. And while the Princess tries to be the next Oprah, publishing her own tribute to herself in the form of an overpriced magazine, people in Tonga are still without running water or electricity.

Add to that the embarrassing mishandling of funds by their father the King, funds that were conceived in a bed of greed (there’s a pattern here, you see?) known as the passport scandal, which fattened the King’s wallet but victimized the Chinese immigrants who paid for a passport, suffered violently at the hands of racists and then be kicked while they’re down by the government, who told the immigrants that their visas won’t be renewed.

I laugh at the letter campaign conducted by the Royal loyalists, scolding New Zealand and their Foreign Minister Affairs Phil Goff for withholding monetary aid to Tonga because of the corruption. Why be angry? It is New Zealand’s money and they have every right to how they want it spent. In this case, they were sick of seeing their aid money go to the elitist vampires. I applaud and fully support New Zealand in their position. The Tongan Prime Minister Prince ‘Ulukalala Lava ‘Ata then rebounds with the most laughable statement yet. He denounces the dumping of mutton flaps in Tonga, which costs Tonga more than the aid given by New Zealand. Ever heard of supply and demand? Tongans demand mutton flaps, New Zealand supplies it. Perhaps if the Royal family ventures into the real world and competes instead of monopolizing the resources of Tonga, they would know that this is how business is conducted in the corporate world.

The current Tongan government is such a circus. We are sick of the scandals, one after another. Every Tongan in the world, in Tonga and abroad, who is disgusted with the current situation in Tonga should voice an opinion. Let your voices be heard. When we sit silent, we become contributors. Perhaps we need to rethink the effectiveness of a monarch or if it has outlived its usefulness. The myth that the royal line sprang from deity is so passé, so old world and so outdated. Tongans need to break free from this yoke of oppression.

The Royal Family does not care for you. They only care for their welfare, their status, their material possessions and their wealth. The myth is a mechanism to maintain the status quo. Open your eyes, free your minds and be slaves no more!


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