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March 20, 2002


How ironic for a man that is involved in illegal transportation of Chinese workers to Tonga to make such statement against the Government of New Zealand.

Mr. Clive Edwards, in fact, lives in a glass house and he is hurling boulder at his neighbor. Give us a break! The system of justice in Tonga is a joke and is often manipulated by the elites. The constitution has no meaning when the rights of the people are not properly represented. Mr. Edwards has failed to make an effective argument because the King and the government refuse to acknowledge the inevitable, the longer they are holding to power the more painful it’ll be to let go.

When Mr. Edwards was the Minister of Immigration he allowed Chinese nationals to come to Tonga on working permits and then abandoned them when it was politically too hot for him to handle.

Where is your claim of human rights, Mr. Edwards?

You were planning with the Cabinet members to return the Chinese to their doom in their home country, knowing very well that the loan sharks will harm or even kill them upon arrival. You and your co-conspirators extorted high fees from those people and then plan to kick them out of the country.

Mr. Edwards may choose to ignore their plea for protection but he was as deep in the mud as those goons who extorted and exploited the unfortunates.

Where is your humanity, Mr. Edwards?

Mr. Edwards ought to remove the tree from his own eyes before reaching over to pluck the toothpick off from neighbor’s eyes.

What ever happened to the Chinese national arrested in Nuku’alofa with blank passports and the immigration departmental stamps?

All of a sudden they are forgotten!


Was it possible that known crooks with money paid the "who’s who" in the government and were allowed to walk freely on the street?

The people of Tonga need to know the answer!

Mr. Edwards said, "Every step we make must conform with the law" yet he allows drug trafficking and human exploitation schemes free movement in the country. In my opinion, with a little digging, it’ll show that Mr. Edwards has profited from this unholy exploitation of the misfortunate.

Mr. Edwards, if Tonga is to claim the "holier than thou" approaches, let the Chinese make a home in Tonga as we are moving to New Zealand to seek refugee status from all the corruption in Tonga. Give the Chinese a place to call home and maybe you can claim your human rights trophy but until then, it is just too irritated to listen to your irrational argument about human rights, a subject in my opinion you are obviously have no concept of.

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