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CANBERRA, Australia (March 25, 2002 – Radio Australia)---Australia's Federal Environment Minister David Kemp has reacted angrily to a new study showing the majority of Japanese people support the re-introduction of commercial whaling.

Radio Australia correspondent Nance Haxton reports.

"The Japanese government survey of almost 3,500 people showed that 75 percent of respondents would support, under certain conditions, a resumption of limited whaling.

"However, Dr. Kemp says the survey seems to have been designed not so much to gauge public opinion as to advertise the Japanese government's policy.

"He says the results are in direct contrast to an opinion poll commissioned by Greenpeace in March 2000, which showed that only 11 percent of the Japanese public supported whaling outright.

"Dr. Kemp says it appears the study is a thinly veiled front for the increasing pressure campaign by a number of pro-whaling nations, to lift the moratorium on commercial whaling.

"Nance Haxton, Radio Australia News."

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