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By Colin Taimbari

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (April 23, 2002 - The National/PINA Nius Online)---Cathy Kakaraya is a Papua New Guinea woman with a mission. She wants to be the first woman Governor of Enga and the Highlands region.

Many would say she was molded by her father, former Wapenamanda MP Sir Pato Kakaraya, to be part of a game that very few women dare to play, especially in Papua New Guinea.

She's also married to one of the country's rising political leaders – United Resources Party leader and dismissed Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru.

Ms. Kakaraya is among 100 women running in the June election and is adamant that women are the best managers in the world and would manage the country better than men.

She is one of 13 candidates (the other 12 are men, including incumbent Peter Ipatas) contesting the Enga Regional seat.

She tried in 1997 and came in a distant 13 in a field of 19. But she said this was just a learning process.

"The people of Enga want change and now they are saying 'let's give to a woman. Let's give it Cathy,'' she said.

"The people should be served. That is what's not happening. They are literally abandoning the people. We’ve got to start educating men that they are there to serve."

The women's main strength is looking after the budget (money), no matter how small, she said.

"We women have an additional sense that man don't have and the sixth sense for women is we go by feelings, but men go by their ego.

"I cry and pray for this country because we want change and God is going to remove people who are the blockages.''

She said a lot of things can be done to improve the lives of the small people in Enga by getting them involved in agriculture and other industries.

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