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May 2, 2002


By Ms. Lourdes Pangelinan Director General, Secretariat Of The Pacific Community

On The Handing Over Of US$ 330,000

By Mr. Fu-Tien Liu Representative Of Taiwan/ROC Trade Office In Fiji For 17 Regional SPC Projects In 2002

Mr. Noel Levi, Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat; Your Excellency, the Representative of the Trade Mission of Taiwan/ROC in Fiji; Mr. Fu-tien Liu; Representatives of the Media; Ladies and Gentlemen.

Your Excellency, I am greatly honored and privileged to accept today on behalf of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the 22 Island Countries and territories it serves, this very generous contribution of three hundred and thirty thousand United States dollars (USD$ 330,000) from Taiwan/ROC, to support seventeen regional projects to be implemented by SPC in year 2002.

In this regard, I would first like to express my most sincere appreciation to Mr. Noel Levi, the Secretary General of the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, for responding very positively to my request to host this handing-over ceremony at the Forum Secretariat. We, at SPC, believe very strongly in the Forum Secretariat's lead role in regional coordination, and having this handing-over ceremony here today bears witness to that.

Mr Secretary General, thank you for kindly hosting this hand-over ceremony on SPC's behalf.

Now, let me focus on Taiwan/ROC's support to the Pacific Community.

Your Excellency, please allow me, first of all, to express my sincere appreciation for your government's continuing commitment in supporting regional development through project funding. In particular, I wish to thank the government of Taiwan/ROC for the increasing numbers of projects you have supported during the past six years of collaboration with SPC.

Since 1997, your government has contributed a total of USD$ 1,742,544 to support fifty-six (56) regional projects implemented by SPC. From two projects in 1997 with a total value of USD$ 145,000, your project funding support increased to 6 projects in 1998 totaling USD$ 286,000; 8 projects in 1999 totaling USD$ 248,850; 10 projects in 2000 totaling an all time high of USD$ 393,694, thirteen projects in 2001 totaling USD$ 339,000, and seventeen projects this year totaling $330,000.

Of the seventeen projects you have approved for funding in year 2002, five will be implemented out of our Suva Office with a total value of USD$ 88,000 and twelve will be implemented from our headquarters in Nouméa with a total value of USD$ 242,000.

I wish to express my appreciation to your government for diversifying the project areas that you support. In 1997 you supported only the Fisheries Project. Now your project support has included Health, Culture, Youth Development, Women Development, Agriculture, Maritime, Population, Statistics, Renewable Energy, Media and Community Education Training. This increasing scope of coverage demonstrates to us your government's commitment to a balanced distribution of your resources to development assistance. At this juncture, I also wish to gratefully acknowledge your additional contribution of USD$ 50,000 to support two very important projects in Health and Fisheries through the Taiwan/ROC Scholarship Support Fund. This USD$ 50,000 brings the total funds received by SPC from the Government of Taiwan/ROC in the past six years to USD$ 1,792,544.

In closing, Your Excellency, I wish to once again express my profound appreciation for the Government of Tawian/ROC's continued commitment to supporting regional development through SPC and other regional organizations. I hope that this partnership will continue to gather strength in the years to come and that your government will continue contributing, to the betterment of the livelihood of Pacific Island people. Thank you, Your Excellency.

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