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The Acting Police Commander after a meeting with the Prosecutor and the Minister of Police explains the Police position at the hearing of charges against two MPs and others as follows:


1. On the 9th May 2002, the preliminary hearing of sixteen (16) charges involving forgery, knowingly dealing with a forged document, sedition, conspiracy sedition, conspiracy forgery and abet sedition, started in the Police Magistrate Court at Nuku'alofa against Siosiua Po'oi Pohiva, Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva, 'Isileli Pulu, Mateni Tapueluelu and Laucala Pohiva.


2. The hearing started with an application by the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector 'U FA'AOA that the publication of the proceedings be restricted. Prosecution did not seek to totally prohibit publication of the proceedings but to partially restrict it to:


a. the identity of the court and the name of the justice presiding

b. the names, addresses, and occupations of the parties and witnesses and the ages of the accused and the witnesses;

c. the offences, or a summary of them, with which the accused are charged;

d. the names of counsel and solicitors engaged in the proceedings;

e. any decision of the Court to commit the accused or any of the accused for trial, and any decision of the court on the disposal of the case of any accused not committed.

f. Where the court commits the accused or any of the accused for trial, the charge or charges or a summary of them, on which he is committed and the court to which he is committed;

g. Where the committed proceedings are adjourned the date and place to which they are adjourned;

h. Any arrangements as to bail on committed or adjournment.


3. The Prosecution believed that by obtaining this order, a fair trial will be ensured to the defendants and the prosecution.


4. The second concern arose from the fact that this is a case of considerable public interest and as such the evidence and the proceedings itself will be debated by the public including possible jurors well before the trial starts.


5. The Police are concerned to ensure that the interests of the parties are safeguarded. Magistrate MOHENOA refused the application. The Prosecutor applied for an adjournment of the charges to obtain further instructions from his superiors.


6. A meeting has been held and the Police are satisfied that the Prosecutor has performed and discharged his duties responsibly to the public and the defendants. The Police have accepted the ruling of the Magistrate and will proceed with the case when the hearing resumes.


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Tongan Version:



13 ‘o Me 2002





Ko e Komanita Polisi Le'ole'o, hili 'ene fakataha mo e Talatalaaki pea mo e 'Eiki Minisita Polisi, kuo ne fakamatala felave'i mo e fokotu'u 'a e Polisi 'i he hopo fakamaau'eke'eke 'o e ngaahi faka'ilo 'o e ongo memipa Fale Alea mo e ni'ihi kehe 'oku pehe ni:-


1. 'I he 'aho 9 'o Me 2002, koe hopo fakamaau'eke'eke 'a e ngaahi faka'ilo 'e hongofulu ma ono (16) felave'i mo e tohi nima loi, ngaue'aki ha tohi kuo tohi loi'i, angatu'u, lototaha ke angatu'u, lototaha ke fai ha tohi loi moe kaungahia 'i he angatu'u, na'e kamta ia 'I he Fakamaau'anga Polisi 'i Nuku'alofa, ko hono faka'ilo 'o Siosiua Po'oi Pohiva, Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva, 'Isileli Pulu, Mateni Tapueluelu mo Laucala Pohiva.

2. 'I he kamata 'o e hopo fakamaau'eke'eke ni, na'e fakahu atu 'e he Talatalaaki, 'Inisipekita Ma'olunga 'Unga Fa'aoa, ke ta'ofi fakangatangata 'a hono pulusi 'a e ngaahi fakamatala 'i he hopo fakamaau'eke'eke ni. Na'e 'ikai foki ke fokotu'u 'ehe Talatalaaki ia ke ta'ofi faka'aufuli 'a hono pulusi 'o e ngaahi fakamatala 'i he fakamaau 'eke'eke ni, ka koe fokotu'u ke fakangatangata pe 'a e pulusi ki he ngaahi me'a ko eni:-


a. ko e Fakamaau'anga fe 'oku fai ai 'a e hopo pea moe hingoa 'o e Sea

e. ngaahi hingoa, tu'asila mo e ngaue 'a e ngaahi faha'i mo e kau fakamo'oni pea mo honau ngaahi ta'u motu'a.

f. hia pe ko ha fakama'opo'opo fakanounou 'o e ngaahi hia koia kuo faka'ilo'aki 'ae kau faka'iloa.

h. Hingoa 'o e kau fakafofonga lao 'i he hopo

i. Ha tu'utu'uni 'a e Fakamaau'anga ke fakahu atu ha faka'iloa pe ko ha taha 'o e kau faka'iloa ke fakamaau'i pea mo ha toe tu'utu'uni 'a e Fakamaau'anga 'i hano ta'e tali 'o ha hopo 'a ha faka'iloa ke fakahu atu ke fakamaau'i.

k. Taimi 'e fakahu atu ai 'a e kau faka'iloa pe ko ha taha 'o e kau faka'iloa ke fakamaau'i, ko ha faka'ilo pe ngaahi faka'ilo pe ko ha fakama'opo'opo fakanounou 'o e ngaahi faka'ilo 'a ia 'e fakahu atu ke fakamaau'i pea mo e fakamaau'anga 'e fakamaau'i ai.

l. Taimi, 'aho mo e feitu'u ki ai 'a e fakamaau'eke'eke

m. Ngaahi fokotu'utu'u ki ha malu'i 'o e kau faka'iloa 'i ha taimi 'e fakahu atu ai 'ae ngaahi faka'ilo ke fakamaau'i pe toloi.

3. Ko e tui 'a e Talatalaaki ko hano fai 'o ha tu'utu'uni, ta'ofi fakangatangata 'oe pulusi, tene fakapapau'i 'a e fakamaau'i totonu 'o e hopo ki he kau faka'iloa pea mo e talatalaaki.

4. Ko hono ua 'o e me'a na'e fai ki ai 'a e tokanga, 'oku tupu ia mei he mo'oni'i me'a ko ia, koe hopo ni 'oku ne tohoaki'i 'a e tokanga 'a e kakai pea 'i he 'ene pehe ko hano pulusi ko ia 'o e ngaahi fakamatala fakamo'oni 'i he fakamaau'eke'eke pea mo e hopo 'ia teia pe, 'e tipeiti'i ia 'e he kakai 'o kau ai mo e kakai ia 'e 'amanaki ui ki he fatongia sula, kimu'a ia pea toki fai 'a e fakamaau'i 'o e hopo.


5. 'Oku tokanga 'a e Polisi ke fakapapau'i 'oku malu 'a e totonu 'a e ongo fa'ahi. Na'e fakafisinga'i 'e he Fakamaau Polisi MOHENOA 'a e fokotu'u na'e fai. Pea na'e kole ai 'a e Talatalaaki ke toloi kae fetu'utaki ke ma'u mai ha tu'utu'uni mei he ma'u mafia ma'olunga.

6. Ko ia ai na'e fai 'a e fakataha pea kuo fiemalie 'a e Polisi, na'e fakakakato 'ehe Talatalaaki 'a hono fatongia 'I he fakapotopoto taha, ma'ae kakai mo e kau faka'iloa. Kuo tali 'e he Polisi 'a e tu'utu'uni 'a e Fakamaau'anga Polisi pea 'e hoko atu 'a e hopo.

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