Australian Historical Association Conference

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A panel of speakers will present on this topic
at the
Australian Historical Association Conference
Brisbane, Queensland, July 3rd-7th 2002


Further papers and delegates to the AHA conference are welcome.

Marcelina Cox and Charles Zuber: "Langafonua: Cultural Life of the Polynesian Community in Redland Shire"

Susan Crano (Qld Museum) (Video): "Loyalty Islanders in Queensland" (RKO documentary with short introduction)

Robert Dixon (USQ): "Prosthetic Gods; Frank Hurley in Papua"

Sam Kari (Goroka U): "Australia and the Setting of PNG's National Goals and Directive Principles"

August Kituai (UPNG): "An incident in the Highlands; Methodists, the ANC and Violence"

Warren McMillan (Multicultural Affairs Queensland): "Australian South Sea Islanders in Queensland"

Philippa Mein-Smith (Canterbury): "New Zealand and Australian Federation: A Renewed Debate"

Isabelle Merle (Maison Asie-Pacifique, Marseille): "The Making of Indigenous Land Property: A Comparison of 18th and 19th Century Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand"

Clive Moore (UQ): "Indentured Labour in the Pacific: Colonial Labour Reserves Communal Needs or Individual Gains?"

Max Quanchi: "Walkabout Magazine: Imaging Australians in the New Pacific"

John Uri: "The Pacific Islander Diaspora in Sydney"

Anthony Van Fossen (Griffith): "South Pacific Futures: Alternative Perspectives on Oceania Towards 2050"

Veracini Lorenzo (Griffith): "Identity, History and Indigeneity in the Collections of the Tjibaou Centre in New Caledonia, and in the National Museums of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australia"

David Wetherell (Flinders): "Elite Formation in Two PNG Missions 1891 to independence in 1975"

For the Australia and Pacific panel, contact Dr. Max Quanchi at email address: 

For the Conference Convenor, contact Dr. Regina Ganter, School of Humanities, Griffith University, Nathan, Qld, Australia 4111, phone: 07-387 57238; fax: 07-387 57730; email AHA conference: 

Website for Conference: 

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