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PAPE‘ETE, French Polynesia (June 16, 2002 - Tahitipresse/PINA Nius Online)---French Polynesia's President Gaston Flosse conducted business with French Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris last week, and announced that the minister plans to visit French Polynesia this year.

President Flosse said: "First of all, we talked about the evolution of the autonomy statute of French Polynesia. This issue will one day be on the agenda of the French Council of Ministers and Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy will have to deal with it."

Mr. Sarkozy is in charge of security and President Flosse said he complained to the minister about a lack of information from French police forces in Tahiti.

"We do not have a good knowledge of police statistics. We only get a glimpse at them through media coverage," he said.

"There are not enough policemen on the streets of Pape‘ete, especially when night falls," he added.

He also pointed out that municipal agents in Tahiti should have more authority to help law-enforcement officials.

Mr. Sarkozy has reportedly agreed that more should be done.

President Flosse remains in Paris this week and plans to meet with Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Senate speaker Christian Poncelet.

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