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PAPE‘ETE, Tahiti, French Polynesia (July 1, 2002 – Tahitipresse)---The Assembly of French Polynesia has voted approved of new concessions for all inter-island cruise operators in French Polynesia.

The bill provides that "every company running one or more cruise ships" can benefit from tax exemptions, financial aid for promotion abroad and for training.

The government of French Polynesia also guarantees that there will be no major tax reforms in the years to come.

MP Antonio Perez, from the pro-autonomy Fetia Api party (opposition), said Tahiti has given away too much financial aid in efforts to attract international companies.

But Minister of Economy Georges Puchon claimed that these tax exemptions were not "automatically" handed out. He added that cruise companies will be asked to hire more Tahitians.

Princess Cruises, a P & O subsidiary, will take over the two Renaissance Cruises ships, the R3 and R4, stranded in Pape‘ete Harbor since September 26, 2001, before the end of this year. One of the ships will remain all year long in French Polynesia while the other will only stay in Tahitian waters two months each year.

According to Puchon, Princess Cruises' rates will be higher than those previously charged by Renaissance Cruises.



PAPE‘ETE, Tahiti, French Polynesia (July 1, 2002 – Tahitipresse)---A new US$ 77 million hotel will be built in Moorea (Windward Islands).

The government of French Polynesia announced last week that special tax exemptions have been granted to assist with the project.

The company in charge, "South Pacific Golf and Resort Development," plans to build a facility with 154 hotel rooms, restaurants, tennis courts, spa and fitness centers and a golf course. [French Polynesia now has only one golf course. It is located in Tahiti, about 31 miles from Pape‘ete.]

The name of the company that will operate the five-star hotel has not yet been announced.

The construction project is expected to generate hundreds of new jobs.

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