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The first general assembly of the Roruroa e Tatou Association at Arue (Tahiti) was attended by around five hundred former employees of Moruroa and Fangatuafa’s nuclear test sites. To underline the international nature of their action, the leaders of Moruroa e Tatou invited several overseas speakers:

Mr. Eiji Okumura, survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki and Mr. Shoji Kihara and Toshiki Mashimo representing the Japanese GENSUIKIN (second generation victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) Association

Mr. Paul Ahpoi, Vice President of the Fiji Nuclear Veterans Association, who participated in the British nuclear tests from 1957-58 on Christmas Island (now Kiritimati of the Kiribati Republic)

Senator Lyn Allison, Australian parliamentarian supporting the Australian veterans, participants and Aboriginal victims of British nuclear tests in Australia in the 1950’s and President of the Paris International Nuclear Test Network

Dr. Al Rowland of Massey University, New Zealand who is steering the radiobiological study of New Zealand veterans who participated in the British tests in Australia and Christmas Island

Dr. Jean-Louis Valatx, President of the French Association of Nuclear Test Veterans and researcher at INSERM (National Institute for Health and Medical Research)

Pastor Jean-Arnold de Clermont, President of the French Protestant Federation who came to Tahiti to support the Evangelic Church of French Polynesia in their work with former employees of Moruroa

Mr. Bruno Barrillot, Director of CDRPC (Resource and Peace and Conflict Resolution Centre, Paris) and author of several works on the consequences of the French nuclear tests

President of the Moruroa e Tatou Association, Mr. Roland Oldham, outlined the campaign priorities for the coming months as:

Several specific demands were also expressed during the general assembly:

Whilst we are reminded by our overseas speakers that no country can claim to have treated its nuclear test victims fairly, France lags well behind others and should now:

All these measures should come about through a framework of dialogue between authorities in France and in Polynesia and with representatives of the associations. A specific, appropriately funded, tripartite authority should be created to facilitate this work.

Former employees of Moruroa expressed their appreciation to the guests who came from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan and France. "Today, we have finally been listened to and recognized by experts who have come from the four corners of the planet. It is important encouragement and support in our fight to have our rights recognized," concluded Roland Oldham, President of Moruroa e Tatou.

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