East-West Center's Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) since 1997, when

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HONOLULU, Hawai‘i (October 2, 2002 - East-West Center-PIDP)---The "Pacific Islands Report" news digest website (http://pidp.eastwestcenter.org/pireport) is undergoing a major reorganization of its operations. The PIR, which is considered one of the most useful websites carrying news about the entire Pacific Islands' region, would like to assure its readers and contributors that its commitment to the publication of Pacific Islands news will continue throughout this challenging transition period.

"Due to a temporary staffing situation, updates to the 'Pacific Islands Report' will continue in a modified form while we complete the restructuring," said PIDP Director Sitiveni Halapua. "We appreciate the understanding of our valuable readers of, and contributors to, the PIR as we strive to continue providing this vital news resource," Halapua continued.

The Pacific Islands Report has been a key project of the
East-West Center's Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) since 1997, when
former Editor Al Hulsen was hired to create and develop the website. It has been
visited more than 1 million times since then and daily carries a wide range of news
items from around the Pacific Islands.

Staff of the "Pacific Islands Report" during the transition period include Scott Kroeker, Webmaster; and Susan Kreifels, Editorial Advisor.

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