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News Release November 18, 2002


Guam Resources Recovery Partners, GRRP, today invites Senator Ben Pangelinan to join the rest of the island community in working to solve Guam’s decades old solid waste problem.

Pangelinan, who insists on fighting court rulings which state that GRRP’s contract with the Government of Guam to build and operate a waste to energy garbage disposal facility is legal, now claims that the GRRP wants to be bought out of the contract and walk away with millions of taxpayer’s dollars.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," says Wagdy Guirguis, President of GRRP. "Instead of spreading such falsehoods I wish Senator Pangelinan would help put them to rest, stop fighting and start helping to solve Guam’s solid waste problem."

Pangelinan lost a lawsuit he filed over the so-called incinerator project in Superior Court. He has now taken his fight to the Supreme Court. It is not clear what he’ll do after he loses in the high court, but Guirguis called the rumors and innuendo being spread about his company very upsetting.

"I thought the negative campaigning ended on November 5th," Guirguis stated, "I cannot believe that any elected official would prefer to keep fighting instead of working with us to get moving on Guam’s solid waste problem."

GRRP has stood by the people of Guam through three gubernatorial administrations, two Republican and one Democratic. The company does not intend to abandon the project now. Any rumors to the contrary are baseless.

"Why would GRRP want to settle? We won the lawsuit. The courts have said it is okay to move forward. It was Senator Pangelinan who lost but instead of joining us at the table so that we can move forward on this critical issue he wants to keep fighting," Guirguis said.

While the garbage continues to pile up at the Ordot Dump, GRRP and many environmentally minded people continue to push for a comprehensive solid waste action plan. They have won wide spread support for incorporating waste to energy, recycling, and sanitary landfill to safely and cost effectively meet Guam’s immediate and long term trash disposal needs.

In 1993, Governor Joseph Ada and Lieutenant Governor Frank Blas directed the Guam Economic Development Authority to allocate $96 million in low-cost private activity bonds for GRRP that can be used to fund building the facility. The allocation is an essential prerequisite for GRRP to request the Government to authorize issuing the bonds. This allocation is still available to GRRP, and only requires prompt action from the legislature to authorize issuing of this bond. With the prompt authorization from the legislature, the project can proceed.

This money will not only get the project underway but it will also provide much needed stimulation into the local economy. While alleviating the environmental problem, it will provide new, stable jobs our community so badly needs.

"The incentives and reasons to move forward are all there. Environmental, financial, economic, health and safety. It is time to move forward and I challenge Senator Pangelinan to help us move forward," Guirguis concluded.


Willy Flores at 647-4653 Attorney Arthur Clark at 646-9355

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