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PORT MORESBY, New Guinea (NBC/PINA Nius Online) - The National Fisheries Authority has contributed about 15 million Kina to the Papua New Guinea Government's general funds, Parliament was told.

By the end of this year, the Authority expects to give a further five million Kina to the state.

Fisheries Minister Andrew Baing announced this when delivering his Ministerial Statement in Parliament titled "Moving Forward With Fisheries."

Baing also announced Government is pursuing efforts to attract more of the international tuna fleet to Papua New Guinea waters for servicing, including net repairs, support servicing and general provisioning.

He told Parliament a well-established group hopes to set up in Lombrum, Manus, a facility to provide these services.

Mr Baing said there is also interest from the Madang cannery to set up in Madang Province an industrial park to be an attractive home for fishing businesses.

Baing has also announced two major rural development projects, the European Union (EU) Rural Coastal Fisheries Project and the Asian Development Bank Coastal Fisheries Management and Development Project. He explained the projects aim for a sustainable improvement in the welfare of rural coastal communities and poverty reduction.

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