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MANOKWARI, Irian Jaya (Australian Broadcasting Corp/Irian News) - Troops have arrested two separatist rebels in a raid in Indonesia's eastern- most province of Papua, police say.

The two Free Papua Organisation (OPM) rebels were captured during a raid by soldiers in the Demta area in the outskirts of the Jayapura capital on Friday local time, Papua deputy police chief Brigadier General Raziman Tarigan said.

General Tarigan says soldiers seized seven homemade weapons and identification cards bearing OPM insignias from the rebels, adding both rebels were being moved to the Jayapura police precinct.

He says police have no information about the identities of the rebels but the state Antara news agency says one of them was a high school student.

Police arrested 21 people last week for raising the Morning Star separatist flag at Manokwari in northwestern Papua.

Rebels say Papua attained independence in 1961 when the Dutch withdrew.

Indonesia won sovereignty over Papua, which was then called West Irian, in 1969 after the United Nations allowed an integration referendum with a public show of hands by a few hundred handpicked tribal leaders.

Jakarta has offered special autonomy for Papua, giving it a much greater share of oil and gas revenues among other concessions

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