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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 19) - The Solomon Islands government has defeated a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The leader of the opposition, Patteson Oti moves the motion.

At the end of the debate, 28 MPs voted against the motion, 17 voted in favor and one member abstained.

Three other MPs were absent.

Moving the motion, Oti claimed the government under the leadership of Kemakeza had failed to deliver on promises it had made to the people of Solomon Islands.

He said the government had failed to have the right priorities and lacked the capacity and political will to implement its program.

In reply, the prime minister said that since coming to power a year ago, the government had tried its best in difficult times but if the government did not want his leadership it should replace him.

Kemakeza defended his government’s record saying economic activity was now picking up, the law and order situation was returning to normal and aid donors were returning to assist the country.

The public gallery in Parliament was packed with members of the public throughout the debate.

December 19

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