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SUVA, Fiji (Pacific Media Watch, Dec. 23) – Fiji’s National Health Occupational Health and Safety Board (NOHSAB) is to ban pesticides and pollutants that are harmful to humans and the environment.

The NOHSAB decided to conduct a workshop early next year with all relevant stakeholders including registrar of pesticides, chemical manufacturers and suppliers of major end users of chemicals.

At the end of the workshop a paper will be presented to the board with recommendations.

This is in line with current treaties that Fiji is a signatory to and includes the Basel, Waigani and Stockholm Conventions.

The board has also endorsed that the Code of Practice for the safety of Pilot Boats to be incorporated under the Marine Act.

All the major stakeholders have agreed to the Code being part of the marine Act for ease of administration as initial Code was under the Health and Safety Work Act 1996.

This code will help in standardizing the features of pilot boats currently being used around the ports in Fiji, as this has been an ongoing debate at major ports.

The NOHSAB consists six members of labor unions.

December 23, 2002

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