SUVA, Fiji (Radio Fiji, Jan. 3) - The Fiji Women's Crisis Center says, it received more cases of racist violence last year compared to any other year.

Center co-coordinator Shameema Ali says, inter-racial rape cases were on the increase with the latest being the alleged gang rape of a 19-year-old girl in Lautoka.

The year 2002 also witnessed an increase in incest cases reported.

"Another area that we have seen last year an increase since 2000 is the rise in racism in this country, the racial and racist’s attacks on people."

"That should be of great concern to everyone, interracial rape that hardly used to happen very rare, crimes against women and children I mean abductions our days and little kids. Those things have been of great concern for us last year," said Ali.

Ali says, there seems to be a backlash against the women's movement as they become more vocal on issues affecting them.

"Women are seen to be achieving a lot and women are talking out more about their problems. The patriarchy obviously cannot seem to stomach it very well so you know there is this whole thing about trying to justify women's status through religion and tradition and things like that."

January3, 2003

Radio Fiji,

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